carbonNEXT: Helping Canada Achieve Carbon Emissions Reduction Goals

Foresight and Carbon Management Canada launch pan-Canada carbon emissions innovation accelerator

 June 15, 2021 — There is an urgent demand for clean technology solutions, as companies in Canada and around the world set their sights on bold emissions reductions goals – specifically, net-zero emissions by 2050. Stabilizing global atmospheric CO2 concentrations by 2050 will require dramatic cost reduction, performance improvement, and broad deployment of carbon capture, utilization, and storage technologies (CCUS).

To help Canada become a world leader and a global technology development hub in the emerging CCUS sector, Carbon Management Canada (CMC) and Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre today launched carbonNEXT. A dynamic, problem-driven carbon emissions innovation partnership, carbonNEXT will lead an ecosystem that accelerates the scale-up and adoption of Canada’s carbon technology companies.

CarbonNEXT will act as a critical bridge in identifying and accelerating the path of early-stage CCUS companies to market. It will engage key players in the carbon ecosystem – innovators, academia, investors, industry, and government – to explore sector-specific issues and opportunities for adoption. By building a collaborative ecosystem of stakeholders focused on innovative carbon solutions, carbonNEXT offers direct access to the world’s best experts, events, industry challenges, and global opportunities. Leveraging industry-leading programs and extensive networks led by Foresight and CMC, carbonNEXT will work to position Canada as a global leader in carbon reduction technologies.

“CarbonNEXT meets an urgent need that every industry is confronting: how to transition to net-zero emissions,” says Jeanette Jackson, CEO of Foresight. “Foresight is investing in this pilot, because we believe this is the future of successful accelerator models. CarbonNEXT will bring key stakeholders together to accelerate the development and adoption of innovative solutions.”

Meeting global demand with Canadian technology

“Carbon Management Canada is proud and excited to be at the forefront of this much-needed initiative,” says Stephen Lougheed, President and CEO of CMC. “There has been a rapid escalation of global interest in Canadian-made technologies that reduce industrial carbon emissions. CarbonNEXT will help ensure that global demand for technology solutions is met by Canadian companies.”

CMC and Foresight are excited to lead carbonNEXT with several initiatives, including:

  • Exporting CCUS Technology. Released earlier this year with the support Global Affairs Canada’s CanExport Association program, this first-of-its-kind framework supports export by providing a roadmap for Canadian CCUS companies in international business markets.
  • Pan-Canadian Carbon Innovation Map. This comprehensive overview of emissions reductions initiatives (in development) will provide a unique data-driven view of where innovation is taking place, and highlight opportunities for Canadian businesses and technology providers.
  • Call for ‘Carbon Cohort’. An invitation to innovators with emissions reduction solutions to take part in accelerator programming, with an exclusive focus on carbon solutions and technologies. With a network of industry mentors and Executives in Residence to support, and a robust peer network, this program aims to accelerate their paths to market.

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