BC Research Facility

At the carbon capture and conversion facility in Richmond, BC, industry, tech developers and researchers can access the tools and expertise to move technology innovations from proof of concept design to pilot-scale demonstration.

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Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute


At the carbon capture and conversion institute, we have partnered with BC Research Inc and work with innovators to design, build and test prototypes for demonstrations, assess technologies and provide training opportunities.

The 35,000 square foot facility has the ability to simulate many industrial flue streams, from coal and natural gas power generation, well-stack flaring, chemical, petrochemical, steel and cement manufacturing processes as well as capture up to 1 tonne per day. This cutting-edge equipment helps to de-risk, test and scale-up innovations including solvent-based systems, membrane capture technologies and solid sorbents.

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CMC Services


Together with BC Research Inc, we provide services to scale-up testing. Capture tech developers can test solvent systems, membranes and solid sorbents, while conversion tech developers can test chemical, electrochemical and biological processes. The facilities can be used to test pre-combustion and natural gas decarbonization.

Our experts offer high-level assessments for the viability of projects and technologies and the identification of critical uncertainties and the development of cost and time-effective solutions.