For industry

As an international leader in carbon capture, utilization and storage, as well as monitoring technologies for both CO2 storage and methane emissions, Carbon Management Canada (CMC) provides expertise and guidance to industries looking to reduce emissions.

Joint Industry Partnership

At our Newell County facility, we undertake applied research with industrial and start-up partners to de-risk, validate and scale-up measurement and monitoring practices. We inject in a shallow reservoir – at 300m – and have observation wells to detect and monitor the movement of CO2 beneath the subsurface. This data, technology assessments and expertise are available to Joint Industry Partnership members.




Technology assessment and advisory

CMC advises industry on the trends, costs and techno-economic performance of solutions across the carbon capture, utilization, sequestration and monitoring value chain. Through our carbontech work and our facilities, we validate and accelerate new technologies, support entrepreneurs, and work with industry partners

Methane emissions expertise

Through the Alberta methane emissions program and CMC’s methane monitoring solutions at the Newell County Facility, we improve the delivery of cost-effective and credible detection and quantification technologies and measurement methodologies.


CMC delivers leading research, techno-economic and market analyses based on our expertise, facilities and partnerships. As a non-partisan, technology-agnostic organization we can provide advice on policies and regulations to governments, applied-research results and technology analysis to industry, and market analyses to technology providers.

Work with us

CMC assesses and advances leading research for carbon capture and monitoring solutions as well as methane emissions detection and quantification. CMC also provides technology-agnostic analysis based on our expertise, facilities and partnerships.