CMC facilities & activities

CMC aims to move solutions more quickly from research to market, thereby growing the Canadian economy, increasing Canada’s competitiveness in world markets, and supporting practical, feasible, and economically viable industrial emissions reductions. Early-stage technologies are tested, developed and demonstrated through facilities and expertise from the CMC team.

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Our Facilities

CMC facility

Newell County Facility

At our site in Newell County, AB we work with clients to use our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to de-risk, validate and scale-up measurement and monitoring technologies and carbon storage solutions.

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carbon capture technology

BC Research Facility

At our carbon capture and conversion facility in Richmond, BC, we provide clients with the tools and expertise to move innovations from proof of concept design to pilot-scale demonstration.

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Our activities

carbon research


CMC supports carbon capture and conversion technologies by bringing industry partners together to energize innovation, accelerate commercialization and fast-track adoption.

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CMC field team

Methane monitoring solutions

At our Newell County Facility industry partners and innovators can develop monitoring technologies to accurately and cost-effectively detect leaked and fugitive methane emissions.

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CMC Facility

Storing CO2 in depleted reservoirs

CMC is unlocking potential safe and cost-efficient CO2 storage in depleted oil and gas reserves by developing new solutions to injection challenges.

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