Newell County Facility

At Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Newell County Facility we accelerate the development, evaluation and commercialization of greenhouse gas monitoring technologies for industry, researchers and technology providers.

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Newell County Facility

Carbon storage monitoring

CMC injects CO2 underground to test and demonstrate accurate, cost-effective measurement and verification technologies. We partner with industry, tech developers and researchers from around the world to test and develop technologies that accurately track CO2 plumes underground.

This research done at the Newell County facility informs best practices in CO2 storage monitoring protocols and helps government, industry and the public know that operators have stored CO2 safely and securely.

The site is also a training facility for collaborating on leading-edge research to solve complex storage challenges. Researchers who work at the site include academic faculty members, research scientists, research associates, post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students. Students benefit from working with the world’s experts in carbon storage and get an understanding of best practices for CO2 monitoring.

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Joint Industry Partnership

Our Joint Industry Partnership (JIP) program provides industry and tech developers with access to world-leading expertise, data, research and projects happening at the Newell County facility. At the 200-hectare site, our experts advance the development of monitoring technologies and protocols for storing CO2. We work to refine monitoring technologies for enhanced oil recovery and understand the movement of fluids underground so carbon storage can be safe and secure.

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Methane emissions detection

At the Newell County facility, CMC has the equipment and experts to support industry and innovators in developing and validating the effectiveness of methane monitoring technologies. The focus is on accelerating technologies that will accurately and cost-effectively detect leaked and fugitive methane emissions. On-site CMC has an award-winning dual-frequency comb laser spectrometer, a picarro cavity ring-down spectrometer, an optical gas imaging camera as well as other technologies.

Methane monitoring solutions
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Video series

Our video series breaks down the technologies involved in carbon capture, utilization and storage and shares what’s happening at Carbon Management Canada. Subscribe to be the first to know when a new episode is released.

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Episode 28: A Breakdown of CCS

Allow Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC), Greg Maidment, to break down the topic of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). In this episode, Greg explains the process of CCS, the limiting factors and why it is important to Canada’s net-zero future.

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Episode 27: New passive monitoring technology paves way to gigatonne CO2 storage

CMC is pleased to announce a Joint Industry Partnership (JIP) with seismic solutions manufacturer Geospace Technologies and its subsidiaries Quantum Technology Sciences and Geospace Technologies Canada. The JIP features the deployment of SADAR, a seismic acoustic detection and ranging technology developed by Quantum for security and surveillance applications.

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Episode 26: Viewer's Choice: Carbon Management Canada's top five videos of 2021

Let’s take a look back at the five most viewed CaMI Corner videos of last year.

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Episode 25: Carbon Management Canada attracts worldwide technical experts

Fabien Allo, a senior researcher at CGG, and his team visited our Field Research Station to learn how their advanced subsurface imaging workflow and geoscience expertise can be applied on site.

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