Our Team

Neil Wildgust

Neil Wildgust

President and CEO

Neil Wildgust is the President and CEO of Carbon Management Canada (CMC), responsible for leading the organization in supporting industry, governments and other organizations attempting to reduce emissions and meet their net-zero goals.

Karim Teja Headshot

Karim Teja

Chief Financial Officer

Karim Teja is Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Chief Financial Officer.


Greg Maidment

Director of Operations and Applied Research

Greg Maidment is the Director of Operations and Applied Research for Carbon Management Canada (CMC), responsible for the safe and efficient operation of methane monitoring, carbon capture, utilization, storage (CCUS) and subsurface monitoring testing facilities.

Robert Carter

Robert Carter

Business and Technology Analyst

Robert Carter has been the Business and Technology Analyst at Carbon Management Canada (CMC) since 2021, focusing on analyzing and comparing measurement, monitoring and verification technologies, financial forecasting for clients, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of Canada’s numerous carbon credit trading regulations.

Kirk Osadetz

Kirk Osadetz

Programs Development Manager

Kirk Osadetz is the Programs Development Manager at Carbon Management Canada (CMC), responsible for developing and demonstrating technology and practices that further assist Canadian corporations with carbon management and subsurface containment issues and requirements.  

Marie Macquet

Manager of Subsurface Research and Project Delivery

Marie Macquet is Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Manager of Subsurface Research and Project Delivery. Today, Marie focuses on the geophysical monitoring of the subsurface applied to CO2 sequestration.  

Brendan Kolkman-Quinn

Geophysicist I.T.

Brendan Kolkman-Quinn is the Geophysicist I.T. at Carbon Management Canada (CMC), responsible for the processing and analysis of seismic monitoring data gathered at the Newell County Facility.  

Hamid Behmanesh

Hamid Behmanesh

CCS Reservoir Modeler

Hamid Behmanesh is the CCS Reservoir Modeler at Carbon Management Canada (CMC). With over 7 years of industry experience in the North American Production and Oilfield Service sectors; his primary responsibility is to provide technical expertise to full chain CCUS projects.

Franki Race

Franki Race

Associate of Technical Operations

Franki Race is the Associate of Technical Operations at Carbon Management Canada (CMC). Beginning at CMC as a summer student with the project of completing a life cycle assessment for the Newell County Facility, Franki is now involved in data calibration, analysis and her favourite part of her position, attending the Newell County Facility to do hands-on work.


Don Lawton

Director of Science

Don Lawton is Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Director of Science, and today is responsible for leading research into improved monitoring technologies for secure geological carbon storage.

As the Director of Science, Don had a vision for a research facility where measurement and monitoring equipment could be developed and demonstrated. Today, his dream is a reality, taking place at our Newell County Facility.

Alberta Methane Emissions Program

Adam Hayman

Adam Hayman

Manager, Technical Operations

Adam Hayman is Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Manager, Technical Operations for the Alberta Methane Emissions Program (AMEP), responsible for designing and implementing a comprehensive data governance framework.

Adam is a professional geologist with 10 years of experience in upstream energy operations in Western Canada, where he successfully developed several plays. During this time, he developed his data science and analytics skills, leading to the successful implementation of cross-discipline programs that resulted in an 80% increase in production by quantifying qualitative geological risks and uncertainties.

Negar Nazari

Emissions Analyst

Negar is Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Emissions Analyst for the Alberta Methane Emissions Program (AMEP), responsible for interpreting and analyzing methane emissions data using unique statistical techniques.


Jason Switzer

Jason Switzer

Director of Carbon Tech

Jason Switzer is the Director of Carbon Tech at Carbon Management Canada (CMC), responsible for leading efforts to accelerate the next generation of CCUS solutions with innovators, investors, and industrial partners.

Jason has held various high-ranking positions before joining CMC, he was the VP for Growth and Capital at Foresight, building relationships with cleantech investors, leading the selection of the inaugural Foresight 50, and facilitating sector-specific acceleration partnerships.

Eric Salkauskas

Senior Technology and Business Analyst

Eric Salkauskas is Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Senior Technology and Business Analyst, responsible for coordinating the Canadian CCUS Research and Technology Network and providing technical analysis on carbon capture technologies for specific industrial assets.


Breanne O’Reilly

Director of Communications and Marketing

Breanne O’Reilly is the Director of Communications and Marketing for Carbon Management Canada (CMC), providing strategic oversight for the organization. Breanne manages communications projects to engage and educate stakeholders on industrial emissions reduction solutions.

Zoe Hardowa

Communication and Marketing Specialist

Zoe Hardowa is Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Communication and Content Development Specialist, responsible for creating branded written and graphical content as well as providing additional support to CMC’s continuous communication efforts.

Shamez Kotadia

Shamez Kotadia

Business Manager

Shamez Kotadia is Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Business Manager. For over 20 years, Shamez has been helping companies leverage technology solutions to increase their decision-making capability and enhance operational effectiveness. Today, he works to facilitate the growth and networking of large technology companies.

Kenna Aulakh

Office Coordinator

Kenna Aulakh is Carbon Management Canada’s (CMC) Office Coordinator, responsible for effectively managing all office operations and administrative procedures within our company.