For government

We are an independent, trusted not-for-profit that can provide greater certainty around decisions to invest in greenhouse gas emission reduction technologies.

Solution assessment and validation

The CMC team offers non-partisan, technology-agnostic analysis and leading research to guide regulations and policies that accelerate greenhouse gas reduction solutions. Through the operation of our world-leading sequestration test facility, and working with organizations implementing CCUS, we have positioned ourselves as technical and policy leaders. International engagement has validated Canada’s and CMC’s leadership in carbon reduction strategies.

In addition to our work on CO2, CMC has advanced methane monitoring and verification technologies through the testing and validation at the Newell County facility. CMC is leading Alberta’s methane emissions program. The program distributes funds to alternative fugitive emissions management programs and new technology trials while supporting government regulatory revisions, reducing costs for industry and building best practices for methane detection and management.


Drawing on CMC’s expertise, facilities and partnerships, we facilitate working groups and stakeholder engagement sessions to encourage discussion and advance carbon reduction solutions. CMC provides guidance to meet the net-zero goals through collaboration with governments, industry and innovators. Further, our network of partners allows us to stay on top of emerging regulations, policies, and carbon credits.

Work with us

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage is a growing industry with very little knowledge and experience outside of Canada. Connect with us on all things CCUS related including high grading storage locations, reservoir identification, and monitoring of carbon for safe and secure storage. CMC also has expertise in monitoring technologies for methane emissions.