For tech developers

Carbon Management Canada (CMC) helps innovators scale up and prove their technologies in carbon capture, utilization and storage, and monitoring both CO2 and methane. We provide expertise, training, validation facilities and connections to industry and other partners.

Newell County facility

At our Newell County facility, we de-risk, validate and scale-up measurement and monitoring practices. We inject in a shallow reservoir – at 300m – and have observation wells to detect and monitor the movement of CO2 beneath the subsurface. This data, technology assessments and expertise are available to Joint Industry Partnership members.

We also improve on the delivery of cost-effective and credible methane detection and quantification technologies and measurement methodologies through testing at the facility.

BC Research facility

At our carbon capture and conversion facility in Richmond, BC, we work with BC Research Institutes to provide clients with the tools and expertise to move innovations from proof of concept design to pilot-scale demonstration.

Carbon capture expertise

CMC assesses and advances capture, storage and other decarbonization solutions through technology assessments and measurement, monitoring and verification. CMC is improving the process for CCUS innovators in our carbonNEXT program, backed by Scotiabank and in partnership with Foresight Canada. Together we’re supporting the identification and validation of cleantech solutions and streamlining commercialization through training and mentorship, access to facilities, connections with industry partners and investors, thought leadership and marketing.

Alberta methane emissions program

Through the Alberta methane emissions program, we are funding alternative fugitive emissions management programs and new technology trials to improve the delivery of cost-effective and credible detection and quantification technologies and measurement methodologies.

Work with us

CMC provides expertise, guidance and connections to industry for innovations in CCUS, as well as monitoring technologies for both CO2 subsurface storage and methane emissions.