Carbon storage and monitoring solutions

In Newell County, Carbon Management Canada (CMC) injects CO2 and supports industry partners and innovators in developing and validating the effectiveness of CO2 monitoring technologies.

Field research

CMC works with industry, tech developers and researchers focused on CO2 sequestration. At the Newell County Facility, we inject CO2 in a shallow reservoir, 300 metres deep and test various technologies to research the best ways to detect CO2 plumes beneath the surface. We conduct continuous monitoring, using geophysical and geochemical techniques, geological and petrophysical measurements as well as the continuous updates of the reservoir modelling through the integration of data sets. We achieve this through permanent surface sampling and two observation wells to see any CO2 movement. Additionally, we are sampling soil and emissions to ensure secure CO2 storage.

Over the past five years, CMC has demonstrated over 65 prototypes at the Newell County Facility, working with over 75 small to medium-sized enterprises to test and validate their technologies. Data, technology assessments and expertise are available to Joint Industry Partnership members.


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As a non-partisan, technology-agnostic organization, CMC can provide advice, applied-research results and technical analysis based on our expertise, facilities and partnerships. The research done at the Newell County Facility informs best practices for CO2 storage monitoring protocols and helps government, industry and the community to know that operators have stored CO2 safely and securely.

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CMC collaborates with researchers on leading-edge storage challenge solutions and provides training on the best practices for CO2 storage and monitoring. Since the Newell County Facility opened in 2017, CMC has offered training to over 3,500 high quality personnel.