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    We provide access to unique facilities for demonstrating & scaling up technologies to reduce industrial GHG emissions.
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  • Storing CO2 safely
    We operate a field test site to develop and demonstrate technologies for secure underground containment.
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    We help innovators demonstrate and scale up carbon capture & utilization technologies.
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Notices & News

Norway’s offshore CCS plans draw cautious response from European Commission
The European Commission has given cautious backing to a project led by Norway that would see CO2 emissions captured at source from industrial installations and shipped offshore to depleting oil and gas fields where they would be buried more than 1,000 metres underground.

Genomics applied to reduce methane emissions in dairy and beef cattle
It’s easy to get myopic when thinking about methane emissions in a province where the oil and gas industry play a key role. But agriculture operations are also a factor.  Genomics researchers in Alberta are researching ways to boost feed efficiency and decrease the amount of methane from cow burbs.

New study shows CCS is very secure climate mitigation tool
New research published in Nature Communications shows that captured carbon dioxide can be stored safely for thousands of years by injecting the liquefied gas deep underground into the microscopic pore spaces of common rocks.

CCS feasibility study underway in UK
The ground-breaking Acorn Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project has now begun a feasibility study after concluding funding from the European Union’s funding round Accelerating CCS Technologies (ACT).

Cement Sustainability Initiative publishes technology review on mitigating CO2 emissions
The Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) has published a technology review on current and anticipated developments that can be used to mitigate CO2 emissions in cement production.