CMC welcomes Cenovus to its applied research program

Field Research Station

Carbon Management Canada is pleased to welcome Cenovus Energy Inc. to its applied research program focused on the development of carbon reduction technologies.

The Joint Industry Project (JIP) helps companies improve efficiencies and reduce risk in their carbon capture and storage operations by testing technologies meant to ensure stored CO2 can be rapidly and accurately monitored and tracked. Carbon Management Canada (CMC) is a not-for-profit company offering support to industries seeking to reduce emissions through carbon capture, utilization and storage.

Cutting-edge research

“We’re excited to welcome Cenovus to our Joint Industry Project. The work we’re doing at site is cutting edge and will help companies like Cenovus reduce risk and gain a competitive advantage in a world where there is increased investor focus on the environmental performance of energy industries,” said Greg Maidment, CMC’s Director of Development and Applied Research.

The program is offered through CMC’s 200-hectare Field Research Station in southern Alberta where an international core of researchers and companies are intent on testing measurement and monitoring technologies to prioritize those that offer cost-effective and robust verification of CO2 containment.

The JIP is a collaborative program that provides companies with access to research data as well as partner opportunities that include technology testing and assessment. The program also advances new, comprehensive monitoring systems to better understand fugitive emissions of CO2 and methane in groundwater, soil and air.

“Cenovus has set a long-term ambition of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, and we’ll be releasing new environmental, social and governance targets later this year, including climate and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Anamika Mukherjee, Cenovus’s Director, Innovation Gateway. “We know collaborating on innovation and technology is essential to how we’ll reach our climate goals.”

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