Same great company – brand new name and look!

Richard Adamson, President

Richard Adamson, President

CMC is proud to unveil its newly designed website for CMC Research Institutes (CMC).

The new website reflects a change in direction for CMC as it has evolved from its role as a Network of Centres of Excellence funding academic research, to a company focused on moving transformational carbon management technology from the bench to large-scale use.

New logo, name and website for CMC

Corporate change is not always a streamlined, rapid process. As we migrated toward our new business model, we incorporated a new not-for-profit with the federal government and have been carefully plotting our new path to success. Today, with great excitement and optimism, we are unveiling our new name, logo and website.

Our mandate has not changed – we remain focused on eliminating industrial carbon emissions. But our work has shifted from funding basic research to helping government, industry and business stakeholders identify and develop innovative technologies. We are actively building consortia of academic and industry experts to work with clients to rapidly and cost effectively reduce uncertainty. And we continue to offer training opportunities for highly qualified people to prepare them for professional and leadership roles in the field of carbon management.

Business side of operations brought into focus

The website, aside from being great to look at, better reflects the business side of our operations. You can still find information about the 44 academic-led research projects CMC funded, and news about our latest developments and activities. However, the site’s primary focus is now on:

I encourage you to explore the new website to learn more about the goals and objectives of CMC Research Institutes. We’ve designed it to be user friendly and simple to navigate. Thanks to its hierarchical structure, clients should be able to find contents quickly and easily.

We’d love your feedback

We are pleased with our new site but want to know what you think. Give us your feedback by clicking here