Research Archive

CMC is proud of its legacy of research projects.

The challenge of managing carbon emissions is complex requiring the development of new technologies and also societal and policy changes. To find solutions across these broad areas, CMC supported research in four distinct areas or themes. Not only did we fund 44 research projects for a total of $22 million, we also created value through the formation of multi-disciplinary, inter-institutional teams that continues today.


Recovery, Processing
and Capture

Resource extraction and processing are energy intensive operations which create significant carbon emissions. CMC scientists are working to reduce the amount of energy consumed in these processes, thereby reducing the amount of CO2 produced. Research in this theme also examines ways to more effectively and economically capture carbon in power and material process plants.

Enabling and Emerging Technologies

New understandings at the level of fundamental science will lead to novel energy recovery processes and routes to emission reductions. Research in this theme takes place in fields not usually associated with fossil energy such as biology, genetics and nanotechnology.

Carbon Storage

Carbon capture and storage is an important element in Canada’s emissions reduction strategy. CMC’s researchers are working to develop monitoring, measurement, and verification technologies and protocols that will allow for the stable, secure storage of carbon dioxide.

Accelerating Appropriate Deployment of Low Carbon Emission Technologies

Economic, policy and social issues are often critical barriers to the wide-scale implementation of new technologies. CMC’s social scientists and technology development experts engage in projects to evaluate policies, regulations and frameworks that will provide an environment conducive to moving new technologies from conception to commercialization.