Client Sector

Anthropogenic climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity in the 21st century. As the global community turns its attention to this issue, there is a need for credible and trusted leadership that can collaborate and coordinate effective solutions and pathways.

Carbon Management Canada provides that leadership.

CMC has extensive domestic and international partners from across a wide range of sectors and institutions that can be convened to focus on eliminating GHG emissions in the industrial sector. As a major contributor to industrial transformation, we provide knowledge, capacity and leadership where needed to reduce uncertainty and accelerate innovation in high impact technology solutions.

The list below represents major client groups and services provided.



CMC is uniquely positioned as a neutral not-for-profit working to bridge the research to practice technology gap. We can convene working groups, facilitate stakeholder engagement and connect governments with national and international researchers in the field of greenhouse gas management.

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Carbon Management Canada is an independent, trusted not-for-profit that can provide greater certainty around decisions to invest in greenhouse gas emission reduction technologies. Industry sectors we currently focus on are upstream fossil energy, oil sands, electricity generation, chemical manufacturing and cement manufacturing.

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Key to the development and scale up of new technologies is field-testing to ensure new devices or processes will perform in real world conditions. CMCRI has a unique development and scale-up facility for carbon conversion and capture technologies, and a field research station for testing technologies to measure and monitor carbon being stored underground.

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Technology Developers/Vendors

CMC can help technology developers and vendors working on ways to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions navigate the gap between bench-scale research and commercialization. CMC provides clients with access to pilot scale testing facilities and a domestic and global network of experts.

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