Doug Stephan awarded medal by RSC

Douglas W. Stephan

CMC researcher Doug Stephan has just been awarded the Henry Marshall Tory Medal by the Royal Society of Canada (RSC).

The medal was one of nine given by the RSC on Sept. 6, 2013 to recognize outstanding achievements in several fields of research. Also announced on Sept. 6 were 84 new Fellows to the RSC. Stephan was elected as a Fellow of the RSC in 2005 and a Fellow of the Royal Soceity (UK) in 2013.

The author of over 335 scientific articles, Stephan’s interests include the synthesis of transition metal and main group compounds and their application in catalysis. Stephan’s group has developed commercial catalysts for the polymerization, hydrogenation and metathesis. In recent years Stephan’s group has uncovered the concept of “frustrated Lewis pairs”, a dramatic paradigm-shifting breakthrough permitting the use of simple main group compounds in metal-free hydrogenation and hydroamination catalysis. His CMC research involves his work with Frustrated Lewis Pairs.

Henry Marshall Tory was one of the founders of the Universities of British Columbia, Alberta and Carleton as well as a principal founder of the Alberta Research Council and the National Research Council. He was the first president of the University of Alberta.

CMC offers its sincere congratulations to Dr. Stephan!