Subsurface Containment for Carbon Capture and Storage


An MSc student is being sought for an atmospheric transport and modelling project, under the supervision of Drs. Dave Risk and Bjorn Brooks in the Department of Earth Sciences at St. Francis Xavier University (StFX). The ideal candidate will have a strong background in computational sciences, physics, and environmental earth science (in that order). The project involves development and data processing for large-footprint surface Monitoring Verification and Accounting (MVA) techniques for carbon capture and storage projects. The student will be expected to interface with collaborators outside of the university, and also outside of the country. The student will be resident at StFX within a department with a vibrant graduate student culture and will be expected to take part in the StFX-NSERC CREATE Training Program for Climate Scientists (TPCS). Stipend support will be at NSERC rates (approximately $17,500), and tuition waiver may be available.

Ideal start date is September 2013.

CVs from prospective students may be forwarded to Bjorn Brooks ( and/or Dave Risk ( and consideration of such will begin immediately.

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