New association will benefit CMC students, say organizers

By Paula Reyes-Ramirez 
Student association working group member

During CMC’s first annual meeting last May, students from different backgrounds and universities were invited to put together ideas for a CMC student association. The pub night was a success, with about 40 students enthusiastically attending and sharing great thoughts; thoughts that today are turning in facts.

A group of students have volunteered to help establish a student, or early career researcher, association. The working group currently comprises Farid Ahmed (University of Victoria), Ehsan Behzadfar (UBC), Amanda Boyd (U of C), Tom de Haas (U of T), Alfred Lam (UBC), and me, Paula Reyes-Ramirez (UBC).

What do we do?

The SA Working Group is planning and organizing the CMC Student Association. With the assistance of Naeema Bhyat, Ruth Klinkhammer and Aneesha Birk, all from CMC, the group has held two teleconference meetings. Major topics discussed during these meetings were the mission, vision, objectives, and possible organizational structure of such an association.

The SA Working Group expects to have its first official general meeting during the second CMC Annual meeting to be held this year, May 23 to 25, in Gatineau, Quebec.

Why a student association?

The Student Association will serve as a medium to build and promote networking among federal and provincial governments, universities, research institutes, industries and students. The association will also offer training workshops, courses, seminars, and other activities to enhance professional and academic skills of the members. The SA is projected to be one of the most solid and recognized student associations in Canada.

How to be part of the working team?

The SA Working Group would like to encourage all the HQP to join the group by contacting Ruth Klinkhammer ( Take advantage of this opportunity to develop your teamwork and leadership abilities. Volunteer to help found the Student Association!

A group in Carbon Commons has been created to facilitate the communication between the members. Please e-mail Farid Ahmed ( for an invitation to join the group.