Natural CO2 seeps study featured on radio

Source: CBC’s Quirks and Quarks
Oct. 15, 2011

Carbon Capture and Storage is a technology that promises to solve our greenhouse gas problems by burying carbon dioxide underground.  The CO2 then will be sequestered away from the atmosphere for geological time, much like the oil and gas that it came from.  However, among the issues around CCS is whether there will be major hazards associated with accidental leakage of the CO2.  To understand this,Dr. Stuart Haszeldine, a geologist and the Professor of Carbon Capture and Storage at the University of Edinburgh, and his colleagues, studied the impact of natural carbon dioxide seeps in Italy.  This CO2 is produced by volcanic activity and escapes to the surface through tiny fissures in subsurface rock, and Dr. Haszeldine thinks this is a good analogue for how CO2 might occasionally escape from underground storage.

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