MOU opens door to collaborative ventures with Stanford Centre for Carbon Storage

Carbon Management Canada and the Stanford Centre for Carbon Storage recently signed an MOU and the two organizations are already implementing a student exchange program.

Richard Adamson, CMC Managing Director, says the agreement smoothes the way for increased collaboration between researchers and will foster opportunities for graduate students.

Working together for mutual benefit

“This agreement builds and strengthens CMC’s existing relationships with international researchers and with organizations whose aims are similar to ours.,” says Adamson. “CMC and the Stanford Centre have shared interests that relate to the use, storage or sequestration of carbon and we recognized it would be mutually beneficial to work together to advance these interests. We’ll also be exploring additional opportunities for collaboration.”

In late March, an agreement between CMC and the Stanford Centre for Carbon Storage (SCCS) was executed which recognizes there are opportunities for the two organizations to share skills, facilities and experience.  The SCCS was established in 2011 to investigate questions and develop technologies related to the geological sequestration and storage of CO2. It is housed within the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University.

As a first collaborative venture, CMC and SCCS have initiated a student exchange program (click here for details). Adamson notes that CMC’s planned Geosciences Field Research Station might also open opportunities for collaborative research ventures.