CMC Theme Lead to continue working as a Canada Research Chair

CMC Theme Lead James Meadowcroft has received a renewal as a Canada Research Chair for his important work on sustainable development policy.

Meadowcroft’s research explores what governments can do to encourage societies to produce and consume in a more sustainable manner. He aims to help Canadian policy-makers to stimulate innovation and accelerate the up-take of greener technologies and social practices. His work strives to find a way to meet human social and economic aspirations, while dramatically reducing associated environmental burdens.

The country-wide funding announcement made by the Honourable Gary Goodyear, minister of state for science and technology, unveiled $124.5 million allocated among 132 chairs to undertake for research at 36 Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Carleton’s funding, $2.5 million over 5 years, will allow its researchers to do important work on the human side of computer security and privacy, the changing nature of ethics, building policy that encourages sustainable development and creating safer water for our world.

For more information:

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Media Relations
Carleton University
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