CMC Research Institutes welcomes new members to Board of Directors

Sandra Odendahl, President and CEO of CMC Research Institutes, is thrilled to announce the appointment of a world-leading expert on carbon conversion technologies, and an award-winning energy efficiency and sustainability specialist to our Board of Directors.

Phil De Luna

Phil De Luna, Program Director for the Materials for Clean Fuels Challenge Program at the National Research Council (NRC), and Peter Love, an internationally-recognized expert on sustainability and Adjunct Professor at York University, have strong records of supporting policies, technologies and strategies to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Each brings complementary strengths to the board that will enrich discussions and decisions on strategy, policy and budget.

“Phil and Peter are outstanding additions to our Board, and we are excited about the unique expertise each brings. Their combined experience encompasses technology and business development as well as policy on climate change and sustainable development,” said Odendahl. “Together with the current board, they will help us deliver on past successes and move toward an exciting future for the organization.”

Phil De Luna leads a $57M multi-disciplinary collaborative research program to develop made-in-Canada materials solutions for a sustainable energy and chemicals sector. The youngest director in NRC’s history, he is an expert in carbon conversion technologies, was a Carbon XPRIZE finalist, and was recognized on the 2019 Forbes Top 30 Under 30 – Energy List.

Peter Love

Peter Love has taught courses on energy efficiency and sustainability and wrote an on-line text book on energy efficiency policy and programs. Peter received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Sustainable Buildings Canada, is recognized by Clean50 as one of its honourees, and serves on several corporate and non-profit boards including Energy Efficiency Alberta and the Ontario Climate Consortium (Chair Governing Council).

CMCRI’s board is responsible for the overall governance of the company and provide invaluable advice on strategic direction and budgets.

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