CMC Research Institutes receives $2.7 million investment

CMC Research Institutes, a company focused on developing technologies and strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, has received an investment of $2.7 million over three years through Western Economic Diversification Canada.

Field Research Station

Sandra Odendahl, President and CEO of CMC Research Institutes (CMCRI), welcomes the investment and notes the funds will support the company to develop a business model to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative carbon reducing technologies.

“At CMCRI we assist start-ups to develop technologies that feed the growing global interest in innovations that reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions through capture, utilization and storage,” said Odendahl. “With this investment, we will continue to help Canadians remain competitive in tomorrow’s innovation economy.”

Carbon capture and conversion centre

CMC Research Institutes is a not-for-profit corporation that accelerates the applied research, development and adoption of high-impact, business-smart carbon management solutions. At its unique research and development facilities, the company works with innovators to advance the commercialization of technologies to monitor, capture, store and use carbon and methane.

CMCRI operates a Field Research Station for the development of monitoring technologies for CO2 in storage operations, and to detect leaked or fugitive methane emissions. It also has a facility for the scale up and piloting of carbon capture and conversion innovations.

Funding to CMCRI was provided through the Western Diversification Program which focuses on initiatives to strengthen the economy of Western Canada.

Ruth Klinkhammer
CMC Research Institutes
403 210-7879