CMC Early Career Researchers hold meeting

When: Tuesday, May 22, 6:30-9:00 p.m.
Where: Hotel Lac Leamy, Gatineau, QC

The CMC Early Career Researchers (ECR) Working Group will present the working draft for an association of students and postdocs.

We encourage all HQP to attend. Dinner will be provided. Registration required.
This meeting is open to HQP registrants only.

At the meeting, HQP will discuss the mission, vision, objectives and organizational structure of the ECR Association. The roles and responsibilities of a student executive committee will be determined. Nominations and an election will take place through an online process. Take advantage of the opportunity to provide input on the framework of the CMC  Association and make an informed decision when electing your 2012-2013 CMC ECR Association Executive.

The Association will aim to enhance the CMC experience by providing students and postdocs with opportunities for professional and social development.

Initial Objectives are:

  • Aid communication between students and postdocs,
  • Foster a sense of social community between HQP across Canada,
  • Inform HQP of available professional opportunities in carbon management, and
  • Provide networking opportunities with government, universities, research institutes, industries, and students

The Association will be committed to organizing and developing workshops, conferences and other activities aimed at improving HQP career and training opportunities towards the mitigation of carbon emissions. In order to meet the proposed goals and to facilitate their execution and interaction between members, the working group will use communication tools such as the Carbon Commons, emails and posting updates on the CMC website.

The ECR Working Group would like to encourage all HQP to join the group by contacting Farid Ahmed at Take advantage of this opportunity to develop your teamwork and leadership abilities. Volunteer to help develop the ECR Association!

A group in Carbon Commons has been created to facilitate communication between members. Please email Farid Ahmed at for an invitation to join the group.