Carbon Management Canada welcomes Bison to its JIP Program

Bison and Carbon Management Canada to collaborate on MMV for deep CO2 storage on a commercial scale at the Meadowbrook Storage Hub


Carbon Management Canada (CMC) is pleased to announce Bison Low Carbon Ventures (BLCV) is a new member of CMC’s Joint Industry Partnership (JIP) Program.

The collaboration between CMC and BLCV will enable monitoring in a deep saline aquifer application through the JIP program’s access to data and data gathering at BLCV’s Meadowbrook Storage Hub. CMC and Bison plan to evaluate measurement, monitoring and verification (MMV) technologies, tested at the Newell County Research Facility to both test their application and apply the learnings to Bison’s commercial scale project.

BLCV will also access, leverage and share CCS expertise and data from projects hosted at CMC’s Newell County Facility in southern Alberta, and facilitate data acquisition at Meadowbrook. CMC partners with industry, tech developers and researchers from around the world to test and develop technologies that accurately track CO2 plumes underground to further industry knowledge of carbon-dioxide injection and subsurface monitoring.

“Bison welcomes CMC participation in the early stages of development of the Meadowbrook Storage Hub,” says Matthew Brister, President of Bison Low Carbon Ventures. “We hope CMC’s experience with the Newell County Facility and the JIP’s evolving strategies can be applied to a deep saline aquifer application and we look forward to collaborating to make that happen at Meadowbrook.”

“We are pleased to welcome Bison to our Joint Industry Partnership program,” says CMC President and CEO Neil Wildgust. “CMC’s research provides essential knowledge for de-risking, scaling and monitoring geological storage in CCS deployment. This collaboration with Bison will break new ground in Alberta’s CCS research landscape.”

Since its inception in January 2016, CMC’s JIP Program has brought together industry leaders, technology innovators and researchers involved in carbon capture and storage (CCS).




About Carbon Management Canada

CMC is a national, not-for-profit organization working to develop and deploy emissions reduction solutions to support Canadian industries. CMC aims to move solutions more quickly from research to market, thereby growing the Canadian economy, increasing Canada’s competitiveness in world markets, and supporting practical, feasible, and economically viable industrial emissions reductions. We assist innovators in developing methane monitoring, CCUS and subsurface monitoring technologies, and provide techno-economic analysis to companies, investors, and governments to direct research, development, investment, and policymaking. Visit for more information.


About Bison Low Carbon Ventures

BLCV is an Alberta based private corporation established in 2020 to develop and operate state of the art storage facilities in western Canada and selectively promote natural gas participation along the accelerating energy transition. Bison was awarded two Hub Evaluation phase tenures by the Government of Alberta in 2022 and is progressing towards licensing for permanent sequestration operations beginning in 2025.


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