Calgary experts featured in online energy video series

A series of videos about Canadian energy has been released by the Rational Middle Media group. The videos, which can be found online at, draw on interviews by a number of Calgary energy experts including Richard Adamson, CMC Managing Director, Kali Tailor, founder and Executive Director of Student Energy, Don Wharton, Vice President Sustainable Development for TransAlta, and Simon Knight, President and CEO of C3. One of the three videos posted focuses exclusively on Ed Whittingham, Executive Director of the Pembina Institute and CMC board member.

The first video in the series on Canada begins with Canada Energy 101. This 14-minute piece investigates what energy sources Canada uses, how those resources are consumed and explores the basics of energy use in modern civilization.

The second video, Canada’s way forward: Finding a path to the energy future, examines how Canada can manage its exports, lead in low-carbon innovations, and move towards a cleaner energy future.

The third video, Two days in the life of environmentalist Ed Whittingham, follows Whittingham as he meets with staff, journalists, politicians and industry representatives.

The Rational Middle Energy Series began with a documentary about Haynesville, Louisiana  – where the largest field of natural gas in the U.S. was discovered. While making the show, the filmmakers realized that although energy is an integral part of North American life, people rarely think about where it comes from and what its impacts are. The group started fund-raising to develop a series about energy and eventually found support at Shell. Both Shell and the producers stress that Shell does not have editorial control over the films. The resulting series covers topics ranging from shale gas exploration to conventional drilling to renewables and even takes a look at sustainable beer-making.