UKCCSRC Reception at GHGT-12

Jeff Reading, CMC (left), and Maxwell Watson, CO2CRC, at joint reception.

By Sian Twinning on 07 October 2014.

Last night was the UKCCSRC reception to celebrate their collaboration with CMC Research Institute (formerly Carbon Management Canada) and CO2CRC. It is a great refection on the diversity of the GHGT-12 delegates that they chose this conference to hold their meeting and announce the ‘Holy Trinity of research groups’ as John Gale called the coming together. John was speaking as a member of the Independent Advisory Board of the UKCCSRC and General Manager of the IEAGHG who are the guardians of the conference series.

Following John’s brief introduction, Richard Aldous from CO2CRC took the stage and thanked everyone for attending and explained a little of the history of the collaboration. This has grown from exchange of information and students to become a more formal operation. He also confirmed that CO2CRC have received AU$100m funding for a further 5/6 years allowing them to begin a project at Otway with 2 more in the pipeline in addition to a capture programme which will be rolling out early next year. CO2CRC have also recently appointed a new chairman in The Honourable Martin Ferguson former Minister for Resources and Energy and a big supporter of CCS. Richard also announced he is stepping down and took the opportunity to thank attendees for all the support during his time at CO2CRC.

Richard Adamson from CMC was next up to say a few words. CMC have been going for 4 ½ years now. He took the opportunity to introduce the CMC staff and the projects they are involved with. With the latest addition of a finance director, CMC are now up to full staff levels and ready to roll forwards.

Last but not least, Jon Gibbins from UKCCSRC stepped up. UKCCSRC are now 2 1/2 years into a 5 year project with the 2nd half involving significant amounts of international collaborate. He reminded everyone that they have a call for international research collaboration activities open with up to £25k available and 1-3 months placement opportunities. The UKCCSRC board members have a fixed term of 2 years and two members have just completed their term. Jon invited Ed Rubin and our very own Tim Dixon to the stage to receive a commemorative gift of a two handed Scottish drinking cup and thanks for their services during the first stage of the programme.