Request for technology description is issued

Request for Technology Description: Innovative approaches to heating bitumen reservoirs for in situ production

DEADLINE: Friday, Dec. 12, 2014

The Low Carbon Innovation Alliance (LCIA)* is working to bring Canada to the forefront of discovery, development and deployment of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction technologies.

AIEES, AITF, CMC, CCEMC, NRCan and SDTC are interested in obtaining non-confidential information on technologies that are alternatives to existing steam generation processes in oil sands in situ applications, and can therefore deliver the same energy to a reservoir for the purpose of extracting bitumen.

This request is soliciting non-confidential descriptions of technologies for consideration. Technologies at any stage of development (from early state through to deployment-ready) are of interest. In order to qualify for consideration, the technology must provide GHG emission reductions when compared to the baseline standard Once Through Steam Generators (further details provided in the PDF available below). Reductions can take the form of:

  • Reductions in input energy
  • Reductions in the cost per unit of energy produced
  • Efficiency improvement over the current technology

For complete request see PDF: LCIA Request for Technology Description 10 06 2014

*Current LCIA members include Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF), Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions (AIEES), CMC Research Institutes, Inc. (CMC), the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC), Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).