Poster winners selected from field of excellent candidates

Marina Freire-Gormaly, Theme B winner, and Steve Later

With over 115 posters on display at Carbon Management Canada’s annual conference this year, judges had a difficult time selecting winners of the annual poster competition.

“Our researchers are doing some amazing work and we are very proud of how CMC has developed, but it does make judging the poster competition somewhat difficult,” said Steve Larter, CMC Scientific Director and one of the poster session judges.

Prizes were awarded on the basis of technical details, visual layout and the presentation of the poster by the authors. Visual impact was also a factor.  This year’s winners are:

Jessica Chan, Theme D winner, and Steve Larter

Theme A winner:
M. Latifi, École Polytechnique de Montréal; and J. Chaouki, École Polytechnique de Montréal for A new induction heating fluidized bed reactor for gasification tests.

Runner up:
T. Daff, Fernandez, E. Kadantsev, P. Boyd, S. Collins, M. Zein Aghaji, B. Provost, and T. Woo, all University of Ottawa for New computational tools for property-based evolutionary design and optimization of metal organic frameworks for carbon capture.

Theme B winner:
M. Freire-Gormaly, J.S. Ellis, A. Bazylak, and H. MacLean, all University of Toronto for MicroCT investigations and pore network reconstructions of carbonates.

Runner up:
A. Adebusuyi, University of Alberta; K. Semple, University of Alberta; K. Budwill, Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures; and J. Foght, University of Alberta for Enhancing production of biogenic coalbed methane using molecular tools: Metabolomics, metatranscriptomics and metagenomics.

Theme C winner:
J. McCutcheon, University of Western Ontario, I. M. Power, University of British Columbia; A. L. Harrison, University of British Columbia; G. M. Dipple, University of British Columbia; and G. Southam, University of Queensland for Accelerating carbon mineralization in mine waste.

Runner up:
L. Melo, G. Burton, and P. Wild, all University of Victoria for Fibre-optic sensor for the detection of CO2 in a gas phase.

Runner up:
P. Gavotti, University of Calgary, D.C. Lawton, University of Calgary for First steps in seismic modeling of CO2 injection in the Nisku Formation.

Theme D winner:
J. Chan and J. Bergerson, University of Calgary for Alternative input fuel into oil sands operations: life cycle environmental and techno-economic evaluation of hydroelectric and nuclear power.

Runner up:
P. Larkin, University of Ottawa for A regulatory review of Canadian carbon capture and storage projects.