New President & CEO, Neil Wildgust

Carbon Management Canada (CMC) is excited to announce the appointment of Neil Wildgust as President and CEO effective May 8. 

Wildgust brings 15 years of carbon capture and storage (CCS) experience and over 35 years of geoscience expertise. He has worked for E.ON UK, the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas (IEAGHG) Research and Development Programme, the IEAGHG Weyburn-Midale Program with the Petroleum Technology Research Centre, the Global CCS Institute in Calgary, and the Energy and Environmental Research Center in North Dakota. Most recently, Wildgust was the Director for Cordilleran Research at the British Columbia Geological Survey. 


Leadership and vision 

“I am thrilled to welcome Neil to CMC as President and CEO. CMC is at a pivotal moment as the world races to decarbonize and remain competitive in an ever-changing economy. Neil has been a champion of CCS technologies for the past two decades, bringing deep expertise and networks to CMC – positioning us to capitalize on the opportunity to help Canada become the global leader in carbon management,” said Phil De Luna, CMC Board Chair. 

CMC developed and has been operating one of the only shallow CCS applied-research sites for seven years, managing the process through the pilot into operations, lowering costs and testing a variety of monitoring, measurement and verification technologies. CMC experts provide direction, findings and data to member companies, advancing CCS opportunities world-wide. In addition to the CO2 work at CMC’s Newell County Facility, CMC leads the Alberta centre of excellence for methane monitoring technology development with an agnostic approach, infrastructure and network of experts. Part of the centre for excellence includes delivery of Alberta’s methane emissions program (AMEP), accelerating new detection and quantification technologies, supporting alternative fugitive emissions management programs and developing a data sharing framework. 

“The invitation to lead CMC, at this time of major applied research opportunity across Canada, is one that I was very excited to accept. I am looking forward to working with highly skilled colleagues at CMC to deliver carbon management solutions for our clients and partners,” shares Neil Wildgust, incoming President and CEO.  


CMC provides CCS expertise across Canada 

CMC’s research and development work done to date has built the foundation and expertise to be the Canadian CCUS hub. CMC provides applied research, knowledge and infrastructure to accelerate emissions reduction results across Canada. 

Wildgust will lead CMC to support additional organizations and governments to meet their net-zero goals with practical, feasible and economically viable implementations.