Mitacs Accelerate interns find value working at CMCRI

Chemistry professor George Shimizu and his grad student Roger Mah are working on carbon capture in mitigating climate change through the removal of green house gases from energy generation. The CREATE Training Program in Carbon Capture brings together researchers from science, engineering, political science and business from across Canada studying different aspects of carbon capture.

Roger Mah, Mitacs Accelerate postdoc (right), and his academic supervisor George Shimizu, University of Calgary chemistry professor. Photo credit: Riley Brandt/University of Calgary

In its ongoing effort to support the development of highly qualified personnel, CMC Research Institutes is working with Mitacs to support two University of Calgary candidates. Roger Mah is a postdoctoral fellow who works for chemistry professor George Shimizu. Gisoo Heydari is a M.Sc. student studying with engineering professor Gopal Achari.

Roger Mah

Roger Mah is a Mitacs Accelerate postdoctoral fellow who is joint between CMC Research Institutes and Dr. George Shimizu at the University of Calgary. In the summer of 2016, Roger completed his PhD in chemistry where his focus was on materials chemistry. The focal point of his thesis revolved around using metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) in carbon capture applications but incorporated aspects of techno-economic analysis and evaluating barriers going forward towards the commercialization of MOFs.

He aspires to work in the carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) field in a capacity ranging from entrepreneur to technology evaluator to technology facilitator. Working with CMC Research Institutes through Mitacs provides Roger with exposure to the commercialization pathway that CCUS technologies must traverse from inception to adoption and gives Roger the opportunity to develop a business skill set to accompany his technical skill set. The commercialization work will compliment his fundamental research with Dr. Shimizu.


Gisoo Heydari

Gisoo Heydari

Gisoo is a second-year graduate student in the environmental engineering program at the University of Calgary’s Centre of Environmental Engineering Research and Education (CEERE).

Gisoo completed her undergraduate studies in applied chemistry at Tehran University and she continued her education in analytical chemistry. She started working in the oil and gas industry after acquiring her Master of Science degree in 2003. After some years of working in the industry and gaining knowledge about environmental issues and challenges that industries are facing, she decided to continue her graduate studies in environmental engineering. She believes this field is very inclusive and she says she will feel fulfilled if she can contribute to protecting the environment by applying what she’s learned to solve industry challenges.

When Gisoo found out about the Mitacs Accelerate program she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity so she could apply her education in a real world setting. As an environmental intern with CMC Research Institutes she is involved in projects in field while she learns about environmental monitoring, field sampling techniques as well as national and provincial environmental regulations. Gisoo says CMC Research Institutes has provided a priceless opportunity for her to advance her environmental career goals and that she is enjoying every moment of it.