Field research station sees first injection of CO2

Amin at well

Amin Saeedfar, Sr. Project Lead at CaMI, opens the valve on injection well.

A project mileststone has been reached at the Containment and Monitoring Institute’s Field Research Station.

On August 9, the first test slug of CO2 was injected into the injection well at the research station located in Newell County in southern Alberta.

The Field Research Station (FRS) is a unique site to develop and demonstrate technologies to detect and monitor CO2 and other fluids stored in underground reservoirs. At the 200-acre site a small amounts of CO2 will be injected 300 metres deep into a sandstone aquifer to mimick the escape of CO2 from a deeper storage reservoir. The injection well is surrounded by two observation wells and four water-monitoring wells to allow researchers to test a wide variety of technologies.

There has already been substantial activity at the site with researchers from around the world running baseline studies. Researchers will continue to monitor the site as CO2 is injected in order to test the effectiveness of their technologies in tracking the movement of CO2 in the reservoir.

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