Compact Carbon Capture Challenge: Accelerating Innovations for a Low-Carbon Future

Announcing the Visionary Finalists

In June 2023, carbonNEXT a joint program of Foresight and Carbon Management Canada (CMC)  launched the FortisBC Compact Carbon Capture Challenge, taking applications for small scale carbon capture solutions. After a rigorous review process, carbonNEXT, in collaboration with FortisBC, is delighted to announce the finalists of the Compact Carbon Capture Challenge.  

This highly-anticipated challenge sought groundbreaking solutions to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the delivery and utilization of natural gas across Canada. The challenge was designed for FortisBC to identify and accelerate cutting-edge technologies targeting scope 1 emissions, including those from combustion and venting-related sources, in critical infrastructures. Each solution considered can capture relatively small amounts of CO2 (ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 tonnes of CO2e per year) to deal with emissions in an economic manner. 

The finalists of the Compact Carbon Capture Challenge are: 

  • Ionada Carbon Solutions: a membrane based carbon capture technology designed to remove up to 99% of CO2 in flue gas 
  • Carbon Quest and Cielo Carbon Solutions: teamed up to deliver a solid adsorbents capture technology that is designed to work in remote locations on both combustion and biogas applications
  • Carbon Corp: their technology captures and converts carbon dioxide into valuable carbon nanomaterials
  • Captivate Technology: has developed an industry leading unique adsorbent that when used in Captivate’s ultra low energy vacuum pressure swing capture process, separates and captures CO2 from a variety of industrial emissions sources

Each finalist brings a unique perspective and expertise, representing the very best in innovation and technological advancements to address the challenges of carbon capture. The finalists will now present their concepts before a panel of experts from the fields of sustainability, environmental sciences and energy. This final stage of the challenge promises to be dynamic and thought-provoking, celebrating ideas, forging collaborations, and paving transformative paths. 

“We’re impressed with both the number and quality of the CCUS proposals that we’ve received through the Challenge. It is exciting and inspiring to see the number of innovative ideas and technologies being pursued to help achieve emission reduction efforts through the use of CCUS. We’re excited to announce our selected finalists, and look forward to delving deeper with the proponents to explore potential partnerships to help further advance our emission reduction efforts.” – Michael Leyland, Manager, Innovative Initiatives, Fortis BC

“Innovation is a key component to a low-carbon future. If we’re going to reach net zero, we must find and scale game-changing solutions to sustainability hurdles across all sectors. We’re thrilled to have FortisBC embark on this journey with carbonNEXT to source new technologies that drastically reduce GHG emissions related to natural gas usage across Canada. The solutions presented by the finalists inspire hope for a net zero future, and I can’t wait to see the impact of this Challenge.” – Jeanette Jackson, CEO of Foresight Canada

“Carbon capture and storage is an essential component to Canada meeting its net zero targets. The challenges associated with capture technologies for different industries aren’t straight-forward, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Collaborating with Foresight to run challenges like this one help spur innovation and advance our progress towards a decarbonized future.” – Neil Wildgust, President  and CEO of CMC

This challenge showcased the brilliance of technology developers as well as highlighted collaboration and innovation in Canada’s CCUS ecosystem. The winner of the challenge will be announced on the carbonNEXT website in the Fall, keep an eye out for these updates.