CMC working to develop new operating model

Richard Adamson

Richard Adamson

NOTE: As 2012 draws to a close, we introduce this column as the first in a series of notes from the Managing Director’s desk.

Hello CMC Members, Researchers, Sponsors and Supporters.

CMC is in the midst of a re-invention that will lead to a long-term sustainable operating model. It is our intention to continue to deliver against our original mandate of radically reducing carbon emissions by encouraging collaborative, multidisciplinary, multi-institutional research across Canada and internationally. At the same time we are working to find ways to become much more involved with industrial partners and other important innovation supporters with an interest in effective response to the challenge of climate change.

While transitioning to “CMC 2.0”, we are delighted that we have been able to carry forward with our mandate under CMC 1.0.  In fact, we have just announced the eight teams that have been awarded grants under our third round of research funding. In the near term you’ll hear more about these academically excellent and potentially high-impact projects.

In coming issues we will provide more information about what CMC 2.0 will look like and how we will operate. In the meantime, I invite you to email me with questions, concerns, or opportunities you see relating to how we might have even more impact than we have had to date. I look forward to addressing some of these questions in future issues of our newsletter. At minimum, I’ll respond to you personally. I’ll also write about new international collaboration & exchange programs and the agenda for the 2013 CMC annual conference. This exciting event, to be held in Calgary from June 3 to 5, will combine the annual general meeting, the academic conference and our inaugural Industry Forum.

In the mean time our terrific research community is delivering real, exciting results and getting lots of acknowledgement in the academic and popular media. Do you or someone on your team have something to celebrate? Let Ruth ( know and she’ll help get the word out.

In the mean time – we’ll talk to you next year! (Or call me, maybe?)

Richard Adamson (
Managing Director, Carbon Management Canada