Carbon Management Canada Welcomes Denbury to Joint Industry Partnership Focused on Subsurface CO2 Monitoring

Carbon Management Canada (CMC) welcomes Denbury Carbon Solutions, a subsidiary of Denbury, Inc. (Denbury) (NYSE: DEN) to its collaborative carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) partnership. The focus is on developing and implementing cost-effective and practical monitoring technologies for sub-surface carbon storage verification. 

“CMC injects CO2 and uses various monitoring technologies to detect and track the movement of the CO2 stored underground at our test site in Southern Alberta. We share those findings with our member companies,” said Don Lawton, Director of Science. “The work we’re doing at the site will support Denbury and our member companies in further understanding monitoring containment and well integrity.” 

Nik Wood, Senior VP of CCUS at Denbury, stated “We are excited to join the CMC working group and look forward to contributing to the assessment of various CO2 monitoring technologies.  Ensuring safe and secure CO2 storage underground is essential for long-term success in CCUS, and this collaborative industry initiative will contribute meaningfully to that effort.” 

The Joint Industry Partnership (JIP) is a collaborative program offered through CMC’s 200-hectare Field Research Station in Southern Alberta. Denbury joins member companies such as BP, Shell, CGG, Chevron, Equinor, Geospace, Cenovus, OptaSense and Emerson in receiving access to the extensive high-quality CCUS monitoring data and information acquired at the Field Research Station, as well as first access to research results from CMC’s experts, researchers from the University of Calgary and other academia partners. In addition, Denbury will have opportunities to test and assess different technologies. 


Denbury is an independent energy company with operations and assets focused on Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions. For over two decades, the Company has maintained a unique strategic focus on utilizing CO2 in its EOR operations and since 2012 has also been active in CCUS through the injection of captured industrial-sourced CO2. The Company currently injects over four million tons of captured industrial-sourced CO2 annually, with an objective to fully offset its Scope 1, 2, and 3 CO2 emissions by 2030, primarily through increasing the amount of captured industrial-sourced CO2 used in its operations. For more information about Denbury, visit 


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