Canada’s World-Class Research and Technology Organizations form Collaborative Network

Canadian Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Research and Technology Network to provide access to CCUS technology commercialization infrastructure and expertise

Five world-class Canadian organizations have connected to provide their expertise with facilities and equipment to help demonstrate, scale and validate CCUS technologies. 

CCUS can account for nine per cent of global emission reductions by 2050 according to the International Energy Agency’s Sustainable Development Scenario. Canada is globally recognized for its expertise in developing CCUS technologies and can play a key role in achieving the global emission reduction targets. 

Canada has many testing facilities and expertise-based organizations for CCUS technology development and commercialization. However, finding the right organization to advance a technology quickly and efficiently can be a challenge for industry and technology developers. While Canada’s CCUS-related infrastructure network is world class, the path for commercialization for both domestic and global technology developers is often slowed by a lack of connections and inefficiencies in the system. 

The Canadian CCUS Research and Technology Network connects innovators, industry and funders with the facilities and expertise needed to validate their solutions, advance prototypes and pilot pre-commercial technologies. Members share expertise, capacity, testing and demonstration services, technologies, research and development, and funding opportunities with each other to accelerate the commercialization of solutions. Carbon Management Canada acts as the concierge to communicate the members’ capabilities to global and domestic solution developers.  

Canadian CCUS Research and Technology Network members include: 

  • InnoTech Alberta: Accelerating and de-risking carbon capture and utilization and hydrogen technologies through research, development and demonstration. 
  • National Research Council Canada: Accelerating development from discovery to commercialization of new materials for zero-emission transportation fuels and chemical feedstocks. 
  • NRCan CanmetENERGY Devon: Leading innovation for the responsible development of energy resources, reducing carbon intensity of hydrocarbon products and mitigating impacts to land, water and atmosphere. 
  • NRCan CanmetENERGY Ottawa: Leading the development of energy science and technology solutions for the environmental and economic benefit of Canadians. 
  • Carbon Management Canada: Providing experience, applied research, knowledge and infrastructure to accelerate emission reduction results. 

Each member offers unique client services, technical capacities, facilities and/or labs; and combined can support technologies at all readiness levels. Tomorrow, Carbon Management Canada and Foresight Canada will host a 90-minute webinar launching the Canadian CCUS Research and Technology Network, find out more about the Network and register for the webinar here. 



“Collaborating with other CCUS organizations with optimal testing and demonstration facilities and expertise will help to accelerate the commercialization path for technology developers and end-users, and grow the CCUS sector in Canada.” – Bonnie Drozdowski, InnoTech Alberta 

“Working together with like-minded organizations will allow new materials to advance more quickly from discovery to commercialization.” – Martin Tyrawskyj, National Research Council 

“Canada needs broader access to expertise in conversion, capture and storage, and collaborating with other CCUS organizations will help us in the responsible development of energy resources.” – Jim Brydie, NRCan CanmetENERGY Devon 

“Collaboration is key to accelerate CCUS development and deployment in Canada, our team is thrilled to take part in this initiative.” – Eddy Chui, NRCan CanmetENERGY Ottawa  

“Collaborating with additional CCUS organizations with extensive expertise and facilities allows us to advance the development of emissions reduction technologies and accelerate results for industry.” – Greg Maidment, Carbon Management Canada 

Media Contact 

Breanne O’Reilly, Director of Marketing & Communications, Carbon Management Canada,, 403-542-9632