CaMI Corner Video Series

On the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month, a new video showcasing the latest activities at the Field Research Station goes live on our YouTube channel. This video series is called CaMI Corner. Check out these previous episodes and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Episode 1: How can we see stored carbon dioxide?

CMCRI’s project manager Greg Maidment talks about how his team of researchers uses 2D seismic lines to monitor the growth of the CO2 plume underground.


Episode 2: The process of CO2 injection underground

Greg Maidment explains our process of CO2 injection. We start by using heat to transform stored CO2 from a liquid-phase to gas-phase because gas is easier to inject into the underground rock formation.


Episode 3: Drone conducts survey at the FRS

Aside from CO2 injection and storage, the FRS is home to many other science and research projects. This week, Rod MacSween from Wildrose Geomatics conducts a high-resolution survey using a high-altitude fixed-wing drone.


Episode 4: The various applications of fibre optics in CO2 sequestration

Fibre optics have many different uses including temperature measurement, vibration sensing, and even internet connection!