Funding Opportunities

$20 million Carbon XPRIZE is announced

NRG, COSIA and @XPRIZE are teaming up to find a cost-efficient way to transform CO2 emissions into valuable products.

The $20M Carbon XPRIZE will challenge teams from all around the world to develop innovative approaches to convert CO2 emissions from fossil fuels into valuable products. This will include a broad suite of solutions, some radically new and some already in the early stages of development, such as:

  • Alternative cement, concrete and
    other building materials
  • Chemicals used to manufacture a
    variety of industrial products and
    consumer goods
  • Low-carbon transportation fuels

Registration for the challenge runs from September 2015 to March 2016.

For details visit http://carbon.xprize.org

Call for submissions: Projects that can reduce GHG’s in Alberta

(submission guide + instructions)

The CCEMC has $75 million available to support shovel ready projects that can reduce GHG emissions in Alberta. The focus is on projects that can reduce emissions by more than 50,000 tonnes CO2e annually and be implemented before 2020.

Funding Available
Awards will be available up to a maximum of $25 million per project.

The deadline for submissions is July 2.