CO2GeoNet 2015

Below are presentations done by CMC staff at the May 2015 CO2GeoNet in San Servolo, Italy.

Date Speaker Title View
May 13, 2015 Richard Adamson (for Don Lawton), CMC Research Institutes CaMI CCS Field Research Station, Alberta, Canada Presentation


Geoconvention 2015

Below are presentations done by CMC staff at the 2015 Geoconvention.

Date Speaker Title View
May 5, 2015 Kirk Osadetz, CMC Research Institutes Athabasca CO2 Storage as Gas Hydrate Presentation
May 5, 2015 Kirk Osadetz, CMC Research Institutes CaMI’s Countess well (10-22-17-16W4) Presentation


Colloquium Presentations

CMC holds an internal, informal discussion on a weekly basis. These discussions are intended to be informal forums whereby someone presents a brief context-setting piece to seed the discussion. The CMC team is a very diverse, creative group of people. The process of sparking ideas off each other both helps us know our individual and collective strengths better, but also sharpens and increases the ideas-generation process.

Date Speaker Title View
Nov 27, 2015 Sona Kazemi, Mantra Energy Mantra Energy Alternatives Presentation
Nov 27, 2015 Michal Bialkowski, General Electric Company Renewable energy driven CO2 utilization and decarbonization Presentation
Nov 27, 2015 Olaf Stallmann, General Electric Company GE Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Technologies Presentation
April 24, 2015 Neil Wildgust, United States Energy Association Global Status of CCS Presentation
Feb 9, 2015 Howard Herzog, MIT Energy Initiative Carbon Capture and Storage: Current Status and Outlook Presentation
Jan 16, 2015 Ruth Klinkhammer, CMC Research Institutes CCS Engagement: A tale of two towns Presentation
Oct 31, 2014 Jeff Reading, CMC Research Institutes Regional Waste Energy Mapping Presentation