Senior Scientist and Project Lead

Containment and Monitoring Institute
Location: Calgary

Corporate Overview

CMC Research Institutes (CMCRI) is an environmental technology firm supporting the transformation of Canada’s industrial economy to thrive in a low carbon world. We provide facilities to field test, develop and demonstrate emission-reducing technologies and offer access to scientists, engineers and technologists who work with clients to solve design and process challenges encountered as technologies are scaled up. Incorporated as a not-for-profit, our revenue stream is through a combination of private sector, government, and academic partnerships and contracts.

The Containment and Monitoring Institute facilitates the development of reliable measurement and verification technologies for the secure containment and storage of CO2, methane and other fluids. The Institute is also developing a world-class demonstration site for the development of methane monitoring technologies and operates a Mobile Environmental Lab (MEL) equipped to identify and measure methane and other gases in the air, soil and water.

Job Summary

CMCRI seeks a Senior Scientist and Project Lead for the Containment and Monitoring Institute (CaMI) to facilitate and support research projects and fieldwork at the Field Research Station (FRS). The successful candidate will manage CO2 injection facilities at the FRS and also use the Mobile Environmental Laboratory for clients, the University of Calgary and research partners. Projects supported by this position focus on the development and demonstration of innovative methods, tools, and technologies for subsurface containment and conformance monitoring of injected and natural fluids, including CO2.

The Senior Scientist and Project Lead acts as project manager and key point of contact for clients, research partners and contractors to ensure CaMI’s successful delivery and dissemination of research, development and demonstration project outcomes with industry, government and research institutions.


Under the leadership of the Institute Director for CaMI, the duties and responsibilities of the Senior Scientist and Project Lead include, but are not limited to:

  • Lead, support and/or contribute to the production of fee-for-service peer-reviewed publications, scientific results, presentations, and reports for professional and public audiences related to the FRS, the Mobile Environmental Laboratory and other work.
  • Ensure that project deliverables and requirements for research partners and FRS Joint Industry Project subscribers are being met.
  • Work with CaMI staff and external contractors to manage and troubleshoot the FRS CO2 injection facility, including issues related to process engineering.
  • Work with CaMI staff and research groups to ensure that equipment is set up and ready for use, that the FRS infrastructure is operating appropriately, that necessary permits are acquired, and all outside contractors are coordinated so researchers can efficiently conduct their fieldwork upon site arrival.
  • Hold responsibility for the effective deployment of the Mobile Environmental Laboratory, including coordination of all field staff and equipment, securing clients for MEL’s services, and invoicing for services.
  • Collaborate with CaMI staff to ensure all Health, Safety and Environment requirements are met for project delivery and visitor access/use of CaMI assets.
  • Represent CMCRI and CaMI to the industry/sponsor community to develop project and sponsorship funding opportunities
  • Work with clients, sponsors and researchers to resolve approaches to Intellectual Property matters to meet both industry needs and obligations of research partners and their institutions.
  • Deliver technical presentations and participate at relevant conferences on behalf of CMCRI and the Containment and Monitoring Institute.
  • Support the development of CaMI proposals (both unsolicited and responses to calls for proposal) as lead applicant or as a partner with other applicants for revenue generating projects and for capital equipment.
  • Work with the CMCRI Business Manager to establish performance monitoring, timeline tracking and reporting structures and processes to ensure effective and transparent implementation of CaMI programs and major RD&D projects.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Hold an advanced technical degree (minimum of MSc with PhD preferred) in geoscience or engineering.
  • Must be a member in good standing of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).
  • 15 years of relevant industry experience with commensurate technical knowledge of process or petroleum engineering.
  • Strong management and oversight experience relating to high value ($10M+) multi-party, multi-year and international project or programs.
  • Strong understanding and hands-on experience in geoscience and/or process engineering technologies and relevant practical experience gained from field operations of industrial facilities.
  • The ability to work effectively with internal and external teams (including domestic and international clients and researchers from industry, SMEs, government laboratories, and academia) to understand their requirements and constraints.
  • The ability to effectively communicate information to technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Familiarity with industry, government and academic cultures and processes.
  • Strong communication skills (both written and verbal) and superior organization and planning skills.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and solve problems in the field.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities in multiple locations. Be willing to spend a moderate amount of time in the field as required and able to work outdoors in all Canadian weather conditions.
  • Valid Class 5 driver’s license and ability to drive for several hours at a time.
  • Valid passport and ability to travel outside of Canada.

To Apply

Join a dynamic team working to combat climate change and help Canada’s industries thrive in a low carbon future. To explore this opportunity further in confidence, please send your cover letter and curriculum vitae in one PDF document to admin@cmcghg.com. The subject of the email should be CMCRI ‘Senior Scientist and Project Lead’.

CMC Research Institutes, Inc. hires on the basis of merit. We are committed to the principle of equity in employment. We welcome diversity and encourage applications from all qualified women and men, including persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, and Indigenous persons.

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